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Mastering Python (presented by Daniel Arbuckle) from Packt Publishing is one of those video tutorials on which I am torn.

The content is both interesting and useful. Split into 8 parts (with multiple videos per part) the series ranges from the very basic (setting up your working environment) to the more involved (parallel processing, coroutines, and more).

Part of my problem stems from the fact that this is another "Mastering" video that brings you nowhere near mastery. Yes, following the tutorial will help you become a better python developer but mastery will still be quite a way ahead.

My main problem, however, is the execution.

The entire series is narrated over a black screen that alternates between interpreter, emacs and bullet lists. I prefer more variety in videos and find the monotony of the black screen difficult to focus on.

I also like to see the narrator. Not only does it break the monotony but it helps me get a better understanding through them.

The narration is somewhat uneven. The sound quality seems to sway back and fourth while Arbuckle has a tendency to mumble. His, for the most part, rapid pace might be difficult for some to catch. Again, I think actually seeing him at times might have made a difference. There are also periods of silence where we hear him typing and watch the text appear on screen. If it was only once or twice it wouldn't make much difference but it happens a few times each part.

The material is great and if you have a little python knowledge already it could help you greatly. Unfortunately the presentation is not the best although I get the impression the presenter could do a better job. Maybe next time.

You can pick it up directly from Packt.


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