Packt's Year End Report and Sale

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Packt sale banner

Packt Publishing have released their year end Skill Up report and with it an almost unbelievable sale (Every eBook and video a fiver each!).

The report follows up on the Skill Up reports from earlier in the year with updated data and analyses. It makes some interesting claims and predictions, not all of which I agree with, in an easy to digest format.

With almost 4 thousand respondents the report gives some insight into what areas you might want to invest your learning time in the future. But I can't help but think the results are skewed towards the areas in which Packt's products excel (ie Python).

The sale, which runs till the end of the year, is definitely worth checking out there are some great titles to get you started in the new year.


I'm a software developer and father of 2. I love python and data which is good because they go well together =D