Python for Entrepreneurs is on Kickstarter!

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A while ago I reviewed the fairly awesome Talk Python Training course and, if you couldn't tell, absolutely loved it!

Not only has Michael Kennedy already added another course (which I will get round to reviewing, I promise!) he has a Kickstarter up for yet another. This one, "Python for Entrepeneurs", while obviously concerned with python, will walk you through the process of not only building your site but also how to turn it into a functioning business.

The course is already fully funded and has even reached a number of stretch goals but I still think it is worth investing in as Michael has proven that he can deliver. The quality of both the previous courses and the amazing Talk Python to Me podcast testify to that.

From the description of the Kickstarter a wide range of skills will be covered a lot of which are often skimmed by developers, much to their detriment when setting out on their own. From dealing with credit card payments, to email marketing and working with external contractors the course seems like it will offer a lot of necessary info for not only new entrepeneurs but also those who wish to improve on their next project.

I know I sound like a fanboy but to be honest, I am. Check it out, I am sure it will be well worth your time!


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