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First off -- I don't think it has any influence on a review but in case anyone cares -- I need to say I backed this on Kickstarter.

Second, I am really glad I did. Michael Kennedy is the host of the awesome "Talk Python to Me" podcast, so it should be no surprise that when I heard he was creating a python course I was a wee bit interested. The Kickstarter was funded in less than 12 hours and I don't think it was much longer than that after my credit card was charged that I received an email informing me I could already start the course!

The production quality is high, better than many video courses in fact, and Michael comes across as confident and patient.

The course is split into 10 small apps:

  • Hello (you Pythonic) world
  • Guess that number game
  • Birthday countdown
  • Journal app and file I/O
  • Real-time weather client
  • LOLCat Factory
  • Wizard Battle
  • File Searcher
  • Real Estate Analysis
  • Movie Search

Each app walks you through the basics of Python, building your knowledge steadily as you go. Time is also taken to point out and give attention to both core and other concepts in the form of little intermissions.

This is one of the few video courses I have seen that is perfect for an absolute beginner. The videos are informative but not patronising. The lessons are also fun and building the apps will certainly give a sense of accomplishment.

Even with the level being aimed at new programmers I was at no point bored. A few times I thought "why is he not doing it this way" only to find that, invariably, the way I had thought of was mentioned and explained. His approach to teaching seems effortless but you can tell a lot of thought went into the course.

I actually now have a clearer understanding of some topics (generators for example) than I had gained through I don't know how many books. And, most importantly, I had fun.

Talk Python Training is the perfect course for beginners or programmers in the early stages of learning their craft. Highly recommended!


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