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Michael Kennedy is easy to listen to. Whether it's his amazing podcast Talk Python To Me or his training courses you can tell he is comfortable and confident. His latest course, Consuming HTTP services in Python, showcases this perfectly. (Full disclosure, I didn't pay for this course, Michael offered me access with no strings whatsoever because a) I'm awesome, and b) he thought I might enjoy it and he knows I like to review things.)

As you might guess from the title the course dives into accessing web services. He touches on raw sockets and message queues but the focus of the course is on HTTP and REST with a dash of SOAP for good measure.

The examples are worked through using Kenneth Reitz's requests and the standard library (and what a difference there is!) and are easy to follow.

Part of what makes Michael's courses so accessible is that he is willing to leave in mistakes while trying something, or mentioning that he isn't certain it will work properly. We all know that mistakes are made but they are, at least in my experience, rarely shown; mentioned, yes, but not shown in an organic way.

One of the most interesting examples in the course was making a small podcast downloader, which gives a taste of working with binary data.

Each lesson is followed up by a summary (Concept) which pulls everything together nicely and makes a great place to head back to if you want a refresher while working on your own examples.

That isn't to say everything was perfect. It drove me nuts that in the shell you could see that the username was "screeencaster" (note the extra "e")!

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed it. At 3.6 hours (I see what you did there Michael) it is a quick, easily consumable, introduction to using services in the real world. Highly recommended!

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