Web Development With Django Cookbook - 2nd Edition

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As I reviewed the first edition I was asked to have a look at the second of Web Development with Django Cookbook. And I have to say, it doesn't disappoint!

The 2nd edition covers Django 1.8 and offers even more than the first.

Despite assuming basic knowledge of Django from the start, the first chapter is easily accessible to a novice with basic understanding of python itself. It tells you everything you need to know to get your project set up. That isn't to say that it is too basic. It is well written and the explanations are clear without being condescending.

The chapters remain broadly the same with improvements added, approaches updated and the writing style streamlined. The material on "Testing and Deployment" has been moved to its own chapter. This makes it easier to use as well as allowing it to be given more attention.

The recipes are well structured and have a nice flow if you want to use it as more of a tutorial. They cover everything from setup, to creating and managing your models, to working with external data (both import and export), to the deployment itself.

Attention is also given to using javascript with your templates effectively and, creating your own template filters and tags to further customise your site. (Django CMS is covered again but in all honesty I only skimmed the recipes!)

The book offers enough new material and improvements to recommend picking it up even if you have the first.

You can pick it up directly from Packt or Amazon. And check out the author, Aidas Bendoraitas, at his blog.


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